Optimal operation of the hydrogen-based energy management system with P2X demand response and ammonia plant

We participated with MefHySto and 5 of our most recent results of WP1 to WP5 at Gas Analysis 2022 17.-20. May 2022 in Paris Nord Villepinte GLOBAL INDUSTRIE. It was a please too meet so many interested collegaues, especially in person. It was a great event and we had fruitfull discussion. Please find our recent results from the posters above:

Poster MefHySto WP1: Metrology for Hydrogen Quality from Power-to-Hydrogen

Poster MefHySto WP2: Thermophysical Properties of H2 and H2-enriched natural gas

Poster MefHySto WP3: Metrology for Hydrogen Quality from Electrical Energy Storage by Hydrogen Back Conversion (Gas-to-Power)

Poster MefHySto WP4: Metrology for Reversible Hydrogen Storage Technologies – Metal Hydride Storage, Cryo Storage

Poster MefHySto WP5: Large-Scale Storage of Gases in Geological Storage Facilities