We participated with MefHySto and 5 of our most recent results of WP1 to WP5 at Gas Analysis 2022 17.-20. May 2022 in Paris Nord Villepinte GLOBAL INDUSTRIE. It was a please too meet so many interested collegaues,
Green hydrogen is viewed as a promising energy carrier for sustainable development goals. However, it has suffered from high costs hindering its implementation. For a stakeholder who considers both renewable energy and electrolysis units, it is important to exploit the flexibility of such portfolios to maximize system operational revenues. ...
This document describes the market situation for renewable gases and hydrogen relative to natural gas with the aim to identify and discuss future potentials for trade-in renewable gas and hydrogen certificates. The regional scope is Europe with a particular focus on the project countries in the 5 SuperP2G countries.
Italian renewable electricity production doubled up respect to 1990 and further increasing steps are expected in the near future. Particularly, the Italian government defined three main targets to be achieved until 2030 (MISE et al., 2018): i) a reduction of the primary energy consumption, i.e. -43% compared to the PRIMES
This document aims to analyse the status of green gas regulation in the partner countries of the Super P2G project and compare to the natural gas regulation. The information in this report is derived from a questionnaire that the project partners have answered.
Ziel der multilateralen Joint Programming Platform Smart Energy Systems (JPP SES) ist die Förderung von transnationalen FTI-Projekten zur Entwicklung von intelligenten, integrierten Energiesystemen, die eine Energieversorgung mit bis zu 100 % erneuerbarer Energie ermöglichen.
SuperP2G interconnects leading P2G initiatives in five countries, ensuring joint learning. Each national project focuses on different challenges, where researchers team up with local need-owners to co-create solutions.
Synergies Utilising renewable Power REgionally by means of Power To Gas Introduction to the SuperP2G project.
Prof. Marie Münster (DTU)
Das Ziel des europäischen Verbundprojektes „SuperP2G“ ist die Senkung der Schwelle für die Validierung und Umsetzung von Power-to-Gas (P2G) für konkrete Need-Owner von „Smart Energy Systemen", „Sektorkopplung" sowie „Lokaler und regionaler Entwicklung". SuperP2G verbindet dazu führende P2G-Initiativen aus fünf europäischen Ländern, wodurch ein reger Wissensaustausch initiiert werden soll.